Pool wallet has been updated to the latest version v0.15.2 - PLEASE DO SAME ! For miners having > 300 MH/s on a single worker or using NetHash, use: stratum+tcp://game.poolto.be:5002 - For others use : stratum+tcp://game.poolto.be:4334 - Join us on iRC: #poolto.be @ irc.freenode.net
Updated sources !
posted 06/19/2018 16:43:23 by filou4u

Pool backend has been upgraded to latest GameCredits sources to ensure we are running on the right fork.

full resync !
posted 03/11/2018 19:58:20 by filou4u

Doing a full resync of GMC blockchain.

mining should not be affected for long.
thanks for your support !